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Exquisite dinner courtesy of Sooty – of course Taylux and I had to peel the veg and do the washing up while Sooty takes all the glory.  Needed Stella to help with the peeling!


IMG_2021.JPGWe awoke to overcast skies.  Very odd.  Bit chilly too.  After a Tent-Off where I think I scored highly on the efficiency front, showered, polished and ship shape – we are setting off.

Leaving this campsite which was superb – clean tidy and nice people who run it.  Lots of motorhomes.  Not many tents.  Obviously they are more clever than us!

Heading for some lake eastbound en route to the Pyrenees.  Only 75 miles but 4 hours to get there.  Clearly VERY twisty.  So hopefully we won’t go off the edge of a cliff and we can report on the campsite we are planning to visit – if it’s open.




Who would have imagined Taylux could look so thoughtful.  Mick looking at the views that take the breath away.

Pretty place of the King.


This was such a fab place.  Seriously.  We never expected the Picos to be so awe inspiring.  Could put lots of mountainous photos on this but the best bet is to experience it personally.



We reached the snow line.  1600 mtrs high and snow about everywhere.  Luckily non on the road.  The Boys were not happy they couldn’t pack their ski’s on their bikes.

Sat Nav Issues

numptiesSat Nav froze on Micks bike.  Untold pain and anguish.  Still, only teething troubles 🙂  Look who’s the techy tw@t sorting it all out while Mr Cool stands idle alongside.