So Tuesday we had a lazy morning then bibbed off on the push bikes to Lymington early afternoon.

As we entered the town I realised that we’d left the face masks in the bag I’d used for the pub the night before so we stopped at a chemist and I went in (with my cardigan tied around my face looking like a special person about to rob the place 😐) and it was £7 for 2 masks (they didn’t have disposables) and the girl was really nice & advised me to go a little further down the high street to Poundland – where I purchased 2 for £1 !!!

Lymington is a pretty, little market town with cobblestones and a quaint harbour with nautical-based tat shops. So we had a wander then cycled over the bridge to the IOW Ferry ⛴ then stopped at a pub on the way back for a cheeky pint 🍺 and G & T and some halloumi fries 😋

Dave practiced his sax and I had another G & T whilst I knocked up fajitas for an early tea.

Then (as predicted) we’re hooked on The Fall so watched a few episodes, had a drinkie (and I also managed a 3rd fajita halfway through the evening – well it would have gone to waste !!!) 💋💗