Home tomorrow

We finally are on our last day. Not much of an adventure this time but a holiday so Helen wasn’t so interested in blog updates. So I had to do it. Not really up to literary standards I’m afraid. But hey.
Lovely stuff to look forward to on our arrival home. A £6k water bill to pay after an underground water leak, get Helens foot fixed, me back in hospital to get my nose redone and to top it all, the 3 bed apartment has been destroyed after a radiator leak. I mean pretty much destroyed- may need to be rebuilt. We will see what the insurance say. Brilliant. I’m feeling at the moment like I dont want to go home.
But we do have positives too. Helen’s will get her scooter so more independent and I can get back to playing the sax now my chest infection seems to be subsiding.
Great start to 2024 eh?

Morbid Brits


We came across this cemetery. Gate was open so we had a nosey. Never been to one before. There were whole sections devoted to one family. Different levels of ornamental additions. I suppose depending on upon the spend I guess. They seem to take death seriously here. All graves (?) had recent flowers.

Bike ride

Had a saunter out on the bikes and found it’s a nice area. Very reminiscent of the uk moors. With rugged coast line though. We tried to find a bar about 25 mins cycle ride away but in typical tour fashion the sat nav sent us up some unridable track so we had to turn back. Defeated. But it’s nice to get our for an hour!

Hop along

One of the reasons we moved on early was my lovely Helen has hurt her foot. newest boots maybe, worrying as she has arthritis in her family. But we will combat it best we can.


Helen’s didn’t like the In humane way the lobsters and crabs were being kept. I don’t care a totty – they taste good.

Straight to Donestia

Go directly to San Sebastián. Do not collect £200. We decided not to stop at Pamplona and just press on to SS. We like it there but this time there were lots of reports of van break-ins on the Motorhome aires so we ended up at a campsite on the north side of the city. Bit of a hole but functional. We took the bus into town which was ok and direct once we worked out the timetables. And I wasn’t going to end up in Sharnford! The bus driver was typically Basque. Totally unhelpful and a general twat. Like most Basques. I don’t mind saying i don’t like this area of the world – mostly because of the people. San Sebastián was quiet. Nothing really going on so we went back to the van after a walk around and a crappy cup of coffee and tea.