Straight to Donestia

Go directly to San Sebastián. Do not collect £200. We decided not to stop at Pamplona and just press on to SS. We like it there but this time there were lots of reports of van break-ins on the Motorhome aires so we ended up at a campsite on the north side of the city. Bit of a hole but functional. We took the bus into town which was ok and direct once we worked out the timetables. And I wasn’t going to end up in Sharnford! The bus driver was typically Basque. Totally unhelpful and a general twat. Like most Basques. I don’t mind saying i don’t like this area of the world – mostly because of the people. San Sebastián was quiet. Nothing really going on so we went back to the van after a walk around and a crappy cup of coffee and tea.