Vars route back


Ooops, missed one!  This is between Nice and Geneva.  Vars route.  Sort of directly East of Gap.

It was a fab view and the clouds followed this sort of loop.  This is a raw pic – no enhancement or pano here!

Screen Shot 2016-08-06 at 16.47.24

Thunersee Lake, Interlaken


2nd Visit to Heidi’s and Interlaken.  Masses of tourisists are Asian, Chinese and Eastern European (or further East).  I think they go to look at the expensive watches!

I just love it here though.

If you go to Interlaken – remember, don’t go for a Chinese meal.  Rubbish and expensive.


True adventurers we are!  First attempt at the use of the “Tarp”.  It was raining so to make dinner (I think it was duck a la orange) we needed cover.  Well this was it!

Tarp = Prat = Trap