Home tomorrow

We finally are on our last day. Not much of an adventure this time but a holiday so Helen wasn’t so interested in blog updates. So I had to do it. Not really up to literary standards I’m afraid. But hey.
Lovely stuff to look forward to on our arrival home. A £6k water bill to pay after an underground water leak, get Helens foot fixed, me back in hospital to get my nose redone and to top it all, the 3 bed apartment has been destroyed after a radiator leak. I mean pretty much destroyed- may need to be rebuilt. We will see what the insurance say. Brilliant. I’m feeling at the moment like I dont want to go home.
But we do have positives too. Helen’s will get her scooter so more independent and I can get back to playing the sax now my chest infection seems to be subsiding.
Great start to 2024 eh?