Sooty gets a night off from cooking.

It’s been a long ride in heavy rain so Dave and I have given him the night off from cooking. This place will do!

Amazing place – it’s dedicated mostly to bikes.  Magazines, old and new in piles to browse.  Pics on the walls of French motorcycle racing stars.  Even one of Barry Sheene himself.

The bar was a boat.  Well, half of one anyway with bands on mosts nights.  Food was good and the bar staff – err – delightful 🙂

Recommended.  Big time.

Coastal campsite

Plumbed for a random campsite that turned out to be a bit of a gem.  Cracking views Grommet.

As below, we met Eric and Christian and [an-other] in the bar.  They spoke no English and we no French.  Apart from Mick’s excuse for a foreign language course that he conned work to pay for, clearly.

But the iTranslate app was the perfect remedy for our lack of conversational ability.  After a few short exchanges, we were  friends for life and knew lots about them.  They even sang the French National Anthem to us in the name of friendship.

Amazing what a bit of conversation does!

Some excerpts from the iTranslate app conversation…

Maintenant mais trois amis vous êtes trois amis on ne vous connaissait pas mais en peu de temps en quelques heures nous avons appris à vous signer franchement vous êtes des copains des potes des amis et je peux vous dire que toi toi toi maintenant c’est des amis pour la vie et si un jour on se revoit on fait la java ou sa muse jusqu’au bout de la nuit vive la France vive l’Angleterre.

Now but three friends you are three friends we didn’t know you but in short in a few hours time we learned to sign you frankly you are friends of friends of friends, and I can tell you you you you now we’re friends for life and if one day we meet we do the java or his muse after-hours RAM the vivid France England
Oui justement je joue David il faut absolument qu’après une journée d’amitié comme celle que nous venons de passer ici à Plouguerneau que nous nous revoyons au moins une fois avant de mourir tous ensemble
Yes I play David must absolutely only after a day of friendship like the one we just here to Plouguerneau that we meet again at least once before you die all together
Everywhere we have been in France we have been welcomed in every place every person is being nice to us and looked after us and make sure we are very welcome we think the French people are excellent and better than many Europeans
Partout nous avons été en France, nous avons été accueillis en tout lieu, toute personne est d’être gentils avec nous et nous pris en charge et s’assurer que nous sommes très bienvenus nous pensons que le peuple Français est excellents et mieux que beaucoup d’européens