For the holy people… 🙏

So we trundled off to Luxembourg City and had lunch outside the van and then set off on the bikes for the centre.
Supposedly a 22 minute ride, we ended up following the river through the forest 🌳 and it took us over an hour but it was idyllic – with the breeze and the dappled sunlight (although I did kept giving Dave ear-ache that we were going the wrong way 😂😂😂).
We tried to visit the Grand Ducal Palace but it was fully booked so we bobbed over to the Norte Dame Cathedral and it was beautiful…
Check out the stained glass window of the Three Kings visiting baby Jesus and also the painting of The Wedding At Cana (where He changed water 💦 into wine 🍷)…
And I particularly liked the framed picture of the candles and it translates as:-
I don’t know how to pray, I don’t know what to say, I don’t have a lot of time…
SO ?
The light that I offer is a little bit of the good in me, … is a little bit of my time, … is a little bit of myself
That I leave before the Lord, … before the Virgin Mary, … before a saint
This light that shines symbolises my prayer that I continue as I leave…
* * * * *
God Bless the lot of you – whatever you’re up to and wherever you are 🙏 💗 xxx

Unexpected Stopover in Dinant 🎷…

So we had a lay-in and were making our way to Luxembourg City (through Belgium) and we came to the town of Dinant en-route (apparently My Dave has stayed here at a campsite on the river with Mick and Paul 4 times in the past).
Dinant is where Adolphe Sax was born in 1814 and he invented the saxophone 🎷!!!
We decided to have a night here and got a lovely spot overlooking the river – here’s My Dave tucking into lunch, me with a cup of tea by the river and then the compulsory selfie – more photies of the town in a sec… 💗💋 xxx

Is there any room at the inn ? !!!

So we were waiting to disembark and Dave said we would stay in an aire (free or low cost hard-surface camping area often with water, electric hook-up, etc) tonight after driving for a couple of hours. He snapped me looking through the book and we are aiming for a town called “Bavay” en-route to Luxembourg 🇱🇺 tomorrow 😊 xxx

On Board !!!

Ahoy there !!! Well Dave says that the bulk of passengers are from my neck of the woods (i.e. Eastern Europe – Romanians, Latvians, etc) One new watch & some rhubarb & ginger liqueur pour moi and some Baileys pour Mon Dave in Duty Free. Duty Free My @rse !!! Docking in 20 mins- more later – Au Revoir !!! 💋♥️ xxx

On Us Way !!!

Aimed for 10am departure but – after a stress over whether to take the KTM or not as the left indicator on the Easy Lifter wasn’t working (after we’d paid £183 to get it fixed !!!) – we opted for electric bicycles only and where they won’t go, we will just have to mix with the public and use public transport !!!
So we finally moved off the drive at 10:53am and are on us way !!!