Deadly stuff this.  I could only trust myself with one can.

This place was FULL of flies and mosquitos.  Nightmare.  I was bitten about 10 times.  Unusual for me.  Must have been the Maximator.




At last, some wifi!

Arrived at Dinant – nice place by the river.  Saxophones galore.  I couldn’t trust myself to go shopping in case I bought another one!



IMG_2187Saxes by country.  Next to the GB one.

Tracker woes

Stupid Vodafone.  Tracker SIM card roaming didn’t work.  So it stopped recording after the Eurotunnel port.

Switched it to an EE one and started up fine again.


Hiccups from the start

IMG_2185.JPGFuel gauge packed in! While reading about 150 miles left in the tank, the bike spluttered and coasted to a stop from the third lane of the M25.  It wakes you up I can tell you!

After a couple of false starts, I checked the tank and poured some fuel in from this little beauty.  Started up no problem.  But we still made the ferry port and even managed to take an earlier one.


Where the bike stopped.

Corsica 2016 – A Month Long Adventure

Ok – it starts today!  Bike packed, spare pair of underpants (in case I lose the original pair) and some fuel in my stove.

Just me and Sooty this time as Micky T couldn’t make it as he has this work thing to do.  Odd but there you go.