Travelling Day…

So we got up, packed up, showered and set off from sunny Totnes this morning.

We thought we’d (possibly) find a campsite in between Totnes & Lymington (where we were ultimately heading – for tomorrow night) but when we stopped for lunch on the way and rang a few – they all seemed to be closed or full 😐

So we rang the place we were booked in for tomorrow and they had space so we headed straight there…

No electric hook-up available (but as Dave has sooped up our Van so much with solar panels, inverters (so I can dry my hair with a 13 amp hairdryer when we are “solo”), etc. – it is fine.

So Dave went off to fill up with water and I chatted to Daisy in the camper van next to us who knew the area really well.

Dave returned and we (finally) bibbed off on the (pedal-assisted) push bikes into Lymington.  It was a nice (safe) ride and we ended up at The Sail Inn in the Beer Garden lapping up the end of the sunshine ☀️

2 Wayfarers (or whatever the local beer was called !!!) and 2 pink gin spritzer cocktails later – we did the return journey and I made Slimming World Corned Beef Pie with leftover sausages from last night’s BBQ (instead of Corned Beef) with beans & fresh bread and it was bloody luvley. 😊

Here we are with WIFi (woo hoo – the last site was sh!te AND we paid for it but it didn’t work) so we’re now listening to “da tunes” as we have a little drinkie (it’s not a bad life, is it ? 😊)

Oh and Dave made me put on the photo of me washing the £5 note as I (absent-mindedly) put it in the bin and the only reason we found it was because the bin bag split as we took it out of the bin…

Never mind PRE-senile-dementia – I reckon I’ll get the full blown one before long.. xxx 💗💋