IMG_1981.JPGOk ok, a scenic picture.  Some house thing viewed from the ferry just as we came in to dock.  No idea who’s it is.

Bosun Chris

IMG_1978.JPGMet a really top Chap – Chris who was riding down Portugal, via off roading pretty much all the way.  Unfortunately on a GS not a KTM (or Triumph)!


Portsmouth behind

IMG_1973.JPGSo, no going back now.  Portsmouth is now behind us.  As we cruise out, we spot Sooty’s yacht moors up on the cheap moorings and the £4Bln warship moored up in the pic above.  The most expensive real estate we have – the war ship, not Sooty’s boat.

Pee relief


As age creeps in, rushing at speed to the ferry port not because of excitement of the pending bike tour but because there is an incapacity to hold the urge of the bladder.  Mick and Sooty on their way back after relieving their urges!  He, he.

Helmet Comms


The Boys trying to get their helmet intercoms to work.  I’m sure the instructions have not been interpreted properly!

Pico’s and Pyrenees Tour – May 2016

Soon (May 13th 2016), we (Mick, Sooty, Windy) all meet at Sooty’s house to begin our Tour.  On 14th we take the ferry to Santander, where there is nowt to do other than prop the bar up!  The Tour is called the “Tour of Kings”.  Mick reckons “Kings” stands for Knobs In New Gear 🙂