Day 2

We decided to head north to Arcachon instead of going to Lourdes.  En route usual coffee stops and wee breaks!

Arrived at the a chosen site “Le Coq Hardin”.  Mmmmm.

No beer on this table…

Sooty finally gets his tent up after twitting about.

Hardy biker and all pleased with himself after putting up his tent.  Which, I might add, is exactly the same as mine.  Copy cat.

The French know how to lay on a fish stall at the local Intermarche.  Unreal.  50 Euro later we had our food.  Still had to cook it but hey.

19 degrees today.  Yey.  We may stop another day.  Not sure yet.  Depends how much beer we drink I guess.  Seriously there’s lots to see round here so we are going to take a ride out tomorrow and then decide.  La’ers…

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