Arette – free of charge

First campsite.  Camping Arette apparently.  Tonights concoction is chicken with some slurp of some kind.  One big bowl of mushed up veg.  Great practice for when we have no teeth.

The campsite was full of mod cons.  Well, cons anyway.

Full swing.  This is a picture of professionals at work.  Live and learn people, live and learn.

This is Taylux after a boiling shower.  I didn’t tell him what he looked like!  Lobster face.

Sooty waxing lyrical about something or other.  Nobody was listening by this time anyway.



Packing up and time to leave.  I was first ’cause I was up early of course.



The owner was nowhere in sight.  Some builders told us he had gone into hospital.  So we left a note saying we had stayed a night and my phone number.  Eh?  Why mine?  Oh well.  Showers were crap anyway.


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