Mass & Bicnic !!!

So we trundled off on The Duke for a non-existent 10am Mass in Pordic then bibbed off to the next town (Bicnic) and arrived in time for the 10:30am Mass at Notre Dame de Bon Voyage – gorgeous church – piccie of the altar below.

Let Dave off attending this week (!) and he went for coffee & croissant  across the road then saw (and took piccies of):-

1. A Solex (which is a motorised bicycle that runs on fuel !l

2. A 41 foot boat called a Dehler – for Paulie…

Then I caught up with him after Mass and there was this wierd Pirate Festival going on – mostly for the kids but everyone was seriously dressed up and there were shows & stalls (selling Pirate gear) & livestock…

So here I am with a Pirate – and also next door – a piccie of a camel !!

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