Easy Lifter My @rse !!!

For those of you viewing the blog who haven’t seen it in the flesh – there is a contraption attached to the back of The Van called an “Easy Lifter” on which the little 200cc KTM motorcycle goes (“The Duke”).

It always creates interest with the male populous when we go anywhere as it ISN’T articulated (like a lorry) – it has wheels like a supermarket trolley that spin – so it it like an extension of The Van and is thus easier to reverse.

ANYWAY (TMI for the girls but stay with me…) we got back to The Van parked at the side of the road in Morlaix and Dave frowned as (because the parking spots were narrow) he had parked The Van wheels on the pavement but (as the Easy Lifter (which I will now refer to as the E-L) is narrower) the E-L wheels were on the road just about touching the kerb.

He announced that we should use FaceTime on our iPhones with me pointing my phone at the Easy Lifter wheels so he could see better – in addition to the camera on the back of The Van to reverse out of the spot.

Well I tried my best but the view on my phone (that Dave sees) is just a little tiny square in the bottom left or right (can’t remember which) – and I pointed it OK initially but then he started moving towards me (as he was reversing) and the next thing I knew – the wheels of the E-L spas’d and the whole thing tipped over and banged down on the pavement – with the bike  🏍  on it – so it was sticking its @rse in the air !!!

I had been yelling “STOP, STOP !!!” and banging the side of The Van – but it was too late…

Dave got out and he was NOT happy – he managed to lift it and get it sorted but was convinced something had broken and the whole thing would detach and kept stopping to check…


Unfortunately we don’t have a photo of it @rse-up but you can imagine…

And – to top it all off – got to the campsite ⛺️ and Dave decided we weren’t level so got the ramps out. Now we’ve used them lots before but he usually drives ONTO them (i.e. forwards) but (whilst I was in Reception sorting stuff) – he REVERSED onto them – and snapped off the waste pipe (the pipe you put over a designated hole in a campsite ⛺️ to empty the grey (waste) water).

Again  – NOT happy – even though he had a bottle of Cidre de Bretagne in the other hand !!! (See below) xxx


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