Arrival at Penhallow House, St Newlyn East

So we arrived at St Newlyn East, Cornwall – home of Richard – about 5:30pm Saturday, had a cup of tea and then wandered around the grounds complete with hens, cockerel, summer house, Lazy Spa (blow-up hot tub like our’s), vegetable patch, water source and well – then got started on the G & T’s…

Richard had some other peeps staying, also invited some locals over and was ever “hostess-with-the-mostest” dishing up canapés, cocktails, “posh” fish/chicken and chips AND 2 desserts !!!

The conversation flowed – as did the alcohol, then came the singing and My Dave can’t remember going to bed !!!

As an aside – Louis (Richard’s 8 year old french bulldog) who seemed to be my friend – later in the evening when I tried to pick him up – decide to bite me – ouch !!!