Anniversary 💖 Dinner 🥘 & The Moon 🌓

So we showered and glammed-up and did a 15 minute walk through the fields to Chequers where Dave managed a steak and I had the salmon fish cakes (which I really enjoyed ). Bit ‘spit-and-sawdust” and not fantastic service but an enjoyable couple of hours and a lovely photie of the moon rising on our return….

Also It’s the largest and first campsite that I’ve ever stayed on where they actively encourage camp fires 🔥 so it was nice walking through the fields with fires dotted all over the place…

Caught up on Corro, had a cup of tea & a Viennese Whirl (Dave had a whiskey 🥃 ) and watched the first episode of The Fall on Netflix – which has Gillian Anderson trying to solve a serial killer case – Jamie Dorman (Christian Grey from 50 Shades) as the nutter – I’m hooked !!!