Moules and A Egg – Again !!!

So sat in one of main drags opposite a little art market in front of the city wall – at Maison Hector.

Dave ordered a beer and I ordered 50cl of Breton Cidre – and this little ceramic jug and a matching tea cup turned up !!!  Also 5 (was 6 but the waitress dropped one 😂) what looked like mini Yorkshire Puddings and some paste. It was like tuna mayo – yum !!!

Dave then ordered Moules Roquefort & Frites and I had a galette – which is basically a savoury pancake – and my filling was jambon, champignons & fromage with the customary “a Egg” in the centre – see below.  I also had frites 🍟 – and it was all delicious 😋

Then I had an Earl Grey (they don’t seem to do English Breakfast Tea) and they served it in the cutest little cast iron kettle – see below…

Left the place STUFFED and was on a mission to get a little ceramic pitcher and 2 matching teacups – mission accomplished (no piccie as alll wrapped up)… xxx

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