Market @ St-Quay-Portrieux

So bit of breky and then destination ┬áSt-Quay-Portrieux for a market…

Initially went to the Centre Ville (town centre) and couldn’t see any stalls so practiced my rusty French A’Level on a little old lady (and she understood me !!!) and said it was at Le Port – so followed the signs, found it and parked up.

Pretty big market with clothes, food, etc. ┬áDave always enjoys the brightly coloured food – hence the olives photo below.

Got a couple of scarves and another circular towel (for the kitchen in the motorhome) then went to a little typically French cafe (mainly for a VISIT if you know what I mean 😂) but also a cafe au lait (pour Dave) and by accident I got a hot chocolate – and it was lovely (surprising as most of you will know I went off chocolate about a year ago…) xxx


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