Mass In Monaco

So we got up at the crack of dawn, got ready and the guys at the campsite dropped us off at the railway station.
It was a double-decker train and a 15 minute ride to Monaco 🇲🇨 – see first photie below that I took as we were pulling in…
Then we made our way across town to the cathedral in plenty of time (but it was uphill and bloody hot 🥵). The guy on the door said I had to cover my shoulders (luckily I had a lacey thing I my bag) and the cathedral was just beautiful (and that’s me in black outside the front afterwards – if you look hard !!!)💋💗 xxx
I could just about follow the service (with my rusty A’Level French), joined in with the hymns and what was lovely was (just before the end) they say a short prayer in Latin to bless the Prince of Monaco 🇲🇨 💗💋 xxx