Jihadi Joe


Selfie with the bandana Mick bought for me.  Well, I borrowed the money to buy it but I don’t obviously intend to actually pay him back of course.


IMG_2084IMG_2083We walked along the cliff path to Collioure.  An ‘Okey’ (icecream in Mick pikey talk) and Moules Frites later in the lovely town, we trundled back for a swim.

Sooty was told off yet again by a sweetheart pool attendant.  In fact we all were.  Because we were wearing swimming shorts!  Not allowed apparently – no idea why.  So I gestured my underpants at the pool attendant and she gave a dismissive ‘yes, yes, yes, thats fine’ kind of offering.  So I jumped in wearing said pants, Mick did the same with his and Sooty had to go back and get his Superman pants!  Hilarious.

All good fun.

Triumph Tigers Everywhere

Next to our pitch is a French chap with a Triumph on the back of a motorhome, the same as Sooty’s.  Also a trailer to carry it on.  Spent the past 2 years travelling around Europe.  8000 kms last year.  6k so far this year.  Sounds like he’s got the right idea.  Just needs a KTM instead!



Route to the Med



Watched some white water rafting and kayaking while we had lunch (bananas and beef burgers).  Also there was a railway bridge that was at a lower altitude than us.  Got a wave from the rafters as we took some photos.  They got into a bit of a pickle trying to get out of a whirlpool – interesting to watch.  A couple of them nearly fell out.

We ended up getting to our campsite quicker than expected!  Roads from Sort were just fab.  Route of 1000 bends.  Anyway we decided to press on towards the coast.  The temp ranged from 4 degs to 24 degs en route.  Hailstones to rain to sleet to sun.  We arrived at Collioure at about 6pm, all very wet from the so called ‘squawl’ (Sooty the weatherman) that turned out to be more like a full on storm.

The site is very nice.  A little on the expensive side but after blowing 100 euros in the restaurant on food and wine, it didn’t to be a problem.  So much for frugal camping eh?

The wind was gusting at 45 mph so we had tents fully pegged down.  No issues.  Oddly, non of us were woken by the hurricane outside.

In the morning, all was very tranquil.  Breakfast and Blogging.  Planning to do some more of that washing stuff (the guys tell me I can’t patent the idea) and then off to the town and the beach.  We are having a ‘day of rest’!  So not moving tents for once.  Luxury, pure luxury.


Col D’Aspin






At the top here, we met a bunch of Australians. Nice crowd and all well travelled.  Just as we arrived a car was perched right on the edge of the cliff.  1000 foot drop below.  Turned out the driver had gone for a walk with his wife and the car handbrake was not on properly!  The car veered towards the end of the cliff but by sheer luck, the steering had locked in such a position that it slightly turned the car away from the edge line.  It came to rest just a couple of feet from toppling over.

They called a recovery truck and the young fellow studied the car and it’s position and attempted to drive it back up the slope from where it came.  He started moving and the wheels span and it momentarily slipped even closer to the edge!  But in fine style he managed to get the car back up to the car park.  The couple were visibly shocked.  We were disappointed it didn’t go over the edge – boring.