Hammered With The Locals 🥴

So we got back from the bike ride and Dave uttered those inimitable (!!!) words, “Darling, shall we pop over to the cocktail bar for one ?”
The “cocktail bar” was a wooden hut 15 feet from our van and there was only one other chap there initially – Luca.
We started off with a red-coloured vodka (me) and rum (Dave) both with sprite… Massive (Spanish-style) measures…
What I’ve never noticed in England (and I’m not saying they don’t exist) is floral trees – and there was loads as we cycled around the lake – so when I noticed one at the cocktail bar, I had to get a photo !!!
I then switched to “Gin-Lemon” as Rino (the bar tender) was pushing it (probably had a job-lot !!!)
A few other peeps turned up (only one lady – Vita – piccie with her below) – who – by the wonder of the Google-Translate app – I managed to have a conversational with – and she was “finding herself” – from what I could gather, she’d done a Shirley Valentine – good luck to her !!!
Also below is a photo with Jordano – who I liked because he was the only one who went to Mass regularly 🙏 !!!
Suffice to say that and Dave had to remind me this morning about the pizza 🍕 that they shared with us and I cannot remember going home 🥴 xxx 💋💗