Cycle Ride, Paddle Steamer and Custard Doughnut 🍩 !!!

We kept a constant check on the weather (as Interlaken has its own climate) and Saturday was supposed to be a complete washout all day.
So we had a lay-in but then it unexpectedly cleared up just before lunch so we hopped on the bikes and headed the opposite way to town – not really knowing where we’d end up.
We sort of followed the lakeside, went through a wood and suddenly came to a clearing where a paddle steamer was arriving.
We asked if we could bring the bikes on and they said yes but that it was going to cost 8 CHF (Swiss Francs – about £6.80) per bike if we left them “erect” but if we collapsed them – they would be free !!! It was mad because even after Dave collapsed them they took up just about the same amount of space !!!
The boat was built in 1906 (check out the date on the bell 🔔) and was kept pristine. Lovely polished decks, a waitered restaurant and bar and Dave particularly enjoyed the engine which was on display showing polished moving parts – short video to follow in next post…
It was about a half hour trip to Interlaken and then it ended up being totally free !!!
We did a little bit of shopping and then stopped off for a wee, a custard doughnut and a cup of tea at the Coop !!! 💋💗 xxx