Les Sables d’Olnne

‘Tis a nice place.  Then moved on to The Vendee and Saint Jean de Monts.  Dumped ourselves at one of the many campsites only to be confronted by the charming and beautiful receptionist.  Unfortunately she won’t win Brain of Britain and we got nowhere with answers to our questions of open supermarkets, resturants etc.  It was a Sunday and the whole of France closes.

We made our way to the town centre. Tat, tat and more tat.

But we found a pub and I chose the worst meal of the lot, while Sooty had beef bourguignon.  Looked excellent.

Mick threw his burger down his neck and then had the genius idea of asking for two bottles of wine from the bar to take away.  Granted.  At a cost but the money goes to charity anyway.  At least that’s what Mick told me.

More pics from the key side…

Beautiful People

You know the kind of place?  Yachts, sun, expensive restaurants.  Full of beautiful people.  Those privileged few that have had the good fortune to meet others of like mind and matter who take the time to pamper and prune themselves and generally take care of their looks and condition.

I found a couple of those types on the key side….