Detox day


See?  Not a beer in sight.  Vegetable curry, lemon water and an early night.  Whoa.  Steady on.

Corte bound

Drank too much (again) in Bonefaccio.  Got a bit carried away with the atmosphere!  So set off nursing a sore head towards Corti.  Beautiful roads and scenery.







Benefaccio boats, boats and BIG boats

The scene below isn’t of Bonefaccio.  But was en route.

When we arrived there it is an enchanting place.  Full of very expensive yachts and gin palaces.  Sooty was in his element but realised the mooring fees alone were beyond his budget.








Maximator Desparado Reunion

First night was a celebratory affair.  Had a Maximator between us and a few Despo’s to follow.  Then came the football.

Such a shame Portugal won – sorry Joaquim and Raffa – but it would have been nice (nice not Nice) when in France to have seen them win.



Corsica arrival

IMG_2243 IMG_2245

The ferry (8 hours overnight) was full of people scattered all over the place sleeping rough.  We felt a little guilty having a four berth cabin to ourselves.  Especially when there were a couple of very very pretty young girlies sleeping rough outside our door.

No matter how hard we begged and pleaded with them to share our occupancy, they politely declined.  Saying “Oh no, we couldn’t possibly.  It would be such a presumption.  We certainly wouldn’t like to incur any inconvenience”.  In French.  Of course.  Well, I think thats what they said.

Anyway, we ended up in Corsica at 8am.  Rattled through the coast road and windy (windy not windy) roads to end up at the hotel (inn, hostel, occupancy, room.  Not tent).  We met the Wives who were busy chatting ten to the dozen by the pool.  All very happy.


Nice Nice

I like it in Nice.  I know its full of posers and people trying to look cool.  They listen to the loud speaker on their phone while on a call just so everyone else can hear how cool their lives are.  They dress for a simple shopping trip like they are going to a ball.  Everyone wears sun glasses of the price you could feed multiple African tribes for ten years.  But, I still like it.  Don’t ask me why but maybe it’s because I like people watching and everywhere I look it tells me to get back on my bike and ride on.

I’m sure you could run a business taking bets on how many young people will get hit by bicycles, roller skaters, scooters, cars as they stare at Facebook while walking along.  I saved a girl from certain death as she walked out into the road doing just the same.  But the look she gave me was not of gratitude but instead for how much her Pap-Pa was going to sue me for ‘touching’ her arm.


Grand Alps Route

Some dodgy photo on the Route De Grand Alps on the way into to Nice.  I know this is a pic of a church and a fountain but behind me it was rockin’.  Yes, nightclub recovery party, acid, drugs and rock and roll.  Oh, yes – we know where to go.  Cool.  Wicked.  Man.


Mountain stream

My venture into the adventurous.  Put my feet in a cold mountain stream anyway.  Bloody cold I can tell you.  In all honesty, I wanted to this when I was a kid.  Dad would never stop the car for me to do it.  So this is for Dad!