Axalp, Giessbach Waterfall & Death Climb 😧

Friday dawned another beautiful day so we all hopped in The Van and Dave braved the switch-backs and drove us to Axalp (“a high alpine pasture on the northern slope of Axalphorn overlooking Lake Brienz”) to visit Giessbach Wasserfall 🇩🇪 !!!
I had sensibly worn my pretty pink trainers but believe me – with regards to traction – they weren’t enough !!!
Quite quickly we did an easy-ish climb to the main visitor bit where there is a platform built into the rock so you can stand under the waterfall and even cup your hands to take a drink, but…
My accompanying acquaintances (!!!) kept saying “Let’s go a bit higher”, I wasn’t happy and (just about) got UP to the top but there was NO WAY I could get down…
The photos below really do not convey my actual terror and those where I am smiling are when we are back down on terra firma the rest Dave snapped as I (silently) descended clutching onto Paul – who is a fireman, was wearing proper walking boots and was my absolute hero !!!
Terror aside, the waterfall was truly magnificent and we had a well-deserved beer & wine at the bottom in the beautiful Grandhotel Giessbach where we also stood in the frame for the obligatory tourist photo.
Videos to follow … 💋💗 xxx